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Lesson One on China-America Relationship 中美关系 1

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American people must learn to differentiate China from Chinese Communist Party ruled Chinese Communist Government, who not only does not work for the Chinese people, but has been using deception and violence to enslave the mind-body-spirit of Chinese people, to cause over 80 million Chinese people's unnatural death; behind it, is the Communist Evil Specter which is ruling the world with mission to destroy the entire humanity.

Merry Christmas 2018 from the Whole Elephant Institute

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The Whole Elephant Institute Sends Best Wishes to All Good People in the World on the Christmas Eve of 2018 !


Merry Christmas!

In the past over 19 years, the modern time Divine Messengers

have been delivering TRUTH to the human world amidst brutal evil persecution, just like Lord Jesus the great God who came to the human world over 2000 years ago with the mission to establish the divine culture of the West, through playing the role of the messenger of the Jewish Heavenly Father.

在过去的十九多年中,神的信使们 (
一直在严酷的邪恶迫害中坚守真理传播真相,就如两千多年前的伟大的神,主耶稣, 他以天父信使的角色来到人间,目的是在人间开创西方神传文化。

History is repeating herself. Can modern people in the world recognize the Great God Jesus when Jesus is back to the human world to save people?


Be Alert! The devil now is manifesting into various forms that are deceiving people to turn away from the divine:

注意了: 那个魔鬼为了让人背离神,现在正以各种形象展现在世人面前:

Communism, Socialism, Modern Empirical Science, Theory of Evolution, Dialectic Materialism, Women's Rights, High Taxation high social benefits, Political Correctness, Progressiveness, Environmentalism, Globalization etc.


It taps into all aspects of the various forms of human dreams of wanting to have a happy and comfortable human life in the human world. It encourages modern people to pay attention only to the superficial material world and to forget the true purpose of being a human, and even turn human into beasts without human morality and human common values, thus making human beings go against the divine and walk on the path of self-destruction.


Jesus the Great God was born into the human world to validate with his entire human life journey that human beings, through learning Truth, following Truth, and upholding Truth, despite evil persecution, despite losing human physical body, can ultimately go beyond humanness and become a magnificent high being: God.

伟大的神主耶稣在人世间出生,用他做人的一生来证实,人通过寻找真理,追随真理,坚守真理,无论邪恶如何迫害,甚至夺走他的肉身,最后,人能升华到超脱人的伟大的高层生命: 成为神!

So let us remember this great sacred lesson Jesus provided to us all, on this Christmas Eve, and let us seek the Truth, follow the Truth, and uphold the Truth all the way to our TRUE HEAVENLY HOME!


Chinese Lesson from the Whole Elephant Institute

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格物 Ge 2 Wu 4

These two Chinese characters means to take things apart in order to understand its composition, structure, function and functional mechanisms. This is the ancient Chinese way to call modern science.

Chinese Lesson from the Whole Elephant Institute

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Chinese Idiom:

庖 Pao 2

丁 Ding 1

解 Jie 3 

牛 Niu 2

When Pao Ding dissect the cow, his knife  goes through the gaps between the bones and ligaments with complete ease, since he was not cutting with force but moving along the Way. This is because he has mastered the structure of the cow's body and mastered the use of his tool. Others hack with knife, which lasts only couple weeks. Those cut with the knife, which lasts several months. But Pao Ding's knife is like new after 19 years. His knife dances between the gaps of the cow's body without hitting anything hard. He has mastered the Dao of his work. 

What lesson do you learn from this Idiom?

Please write an assay on this subject to express your understandings of this Chinese Idiom.

Chinese Lesson from the Whole Elephant Institute

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What is an atom?

What is inside of an atom?

What is a molecule?

What is inside of a molecule?



原子 Yuan 2 Zi 3



分子    Fen 1 Zi 3


When we examine the physical world, we take things apart to see what things are made of. We now understand that all things our eyes see are made of molecules. Molecules are made of atoms. Atoms are made of even smaller particles called protons, neutrons and electrons.  

This is the phenomena our physical body uses senses to know to be true. Our spirit is being buried inside the world of molecules. The molecules are referred by Gods to be the "dust". So God used "dust" to make human beings and all other things in the human world.  

Only through cultivation the spirit can be set free from this molecular world and enter the worlds of atoms, protons, neurons, electrons and even beyond.

Chinese Lesson from the Whole Elephant Institute

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December 15th 2018

Chinese Lesson from

The Whole Elephant Institute

藥 Yao 4 Medicine

樂 Yue 4. Music

The Chinese character for music is 樂, and for medicine is 藥, which has an extra symbol of leaf on top of music. Ancient Science in China takes the human body as a multidimensional universe. Human diseases are considered to be rooted in different space and time, involving evil entities attacking the kingdom of the human body. Medicines deliver powerful warriors to conquer the evil entities. Music is considered to be most powerful to chase away evil entities, or to strengthen the human mind-body-spirit.

Modern people, however, with the arrogance of atheism-based outsmarting nature ideology, only believe in the reality that human low-level sensory organs can detect. Modern empirical science is now leading people to blindly think that human body is only a molecular machine. So, when human body has sickness, modern people use molecular ways to treat sickness. All modern western medicines are made of purified molecules that can target the molecules of human body and thus knock out the "alarm clock" the body has when problems are detected. Modern medicine does not cure, but merely suppress the disease: instead of resolving a crisis, it is suppressing it and postponing it.


宇 Yu 3
宙 Zhou 4

Human body

人 Ren 2
体 Ti 3

The Rectified True Chinese History

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When human history is about to enter a new chapter, let us review the most profound history book that all modern people shall read: Chinese History


The Rectified True Chinese History (Part One): Introduction of the True Meaning of History


Rectified True Chinese History (Part Two): Introduction of the True Meaning of Culture


The true origin of "culture" is the Law of the Universe, the supreme Dao.

Thus, culture originates from the Divine.

"Culture" is the process, accomplishment and manifestation of the divine's systematic arrangement and education of human race.

The most critical function and purpose of "Culture" is to achieve the goal of helping mankind to become One with the Universe.

By following "culture", mankind can ultimately find the divine law, which can bring mankind to its true spiritual origin.

"Culture" allows mankind to understand, to follow and to assimilate to the divine laws of various planes of the universe.


Rectified True Chinese History ( Part Three): Introduction of How History is Viewed


From ancient to present, there are many different ways to view history. Below we outline four different ways:

1. 基于传统的天道人伦之史观:这是中国古代通行的一类史观。其特点是敬天顺命,敬道礼佛,法天崇祖,恪守中庸之道与仁、义、礼、智、信等人伦礼义。西汉以降,其流变是以《春秋》为宗,以礼义为规范,寓褒贬、别善恶,行人伦教化为本的历史观。

1. To view history based upon the traditional way of following divine law and human morality: this is the way of viewing history used in ancient Chinese history books.

2. 基于神的大审判之史观:西方传统的一神论和神的最终审判信仰基础上的历史观。西方正教,如犹太教、基督教、天主教等均持此类史观。这是传统西方的主流史观。

2. To view history based upon the "Divine's Final Judgement" framework: this is the history view point of Western traditional theology of One God and the faith of the final judgement, which is followed by all forms of righteous Western religions, such as Judaism, Christianity, Catholicism etc.

3. 基于进化论之史观:总体上来看,这大抵是以进化论为基本思想框架,以进化论、唯物论、无神论为主体意识形态的一类史观,近一百五十年来,在对现代科学走入偏执的变异思想的催化下,成为流行史观。其实质是不同程度的反神、无神、物化与变异人,最终导向毁灭的一类历史观。

3. To view history based upon the Theory of Evolution: overall it is based upon the ideological framework of the Theory of Evolution, following the main body of the ideologies of Evolution Theory, Materialism and Atheism to form its history views. In the past near one hundred and fifty years, under the catalytic effects of mankind's strong attachments to the modern science, such a way of viewing history turns into the most fashionable way of viewing history. Its true nature is to lead human kind to go against divine, to dismiss the existence of divine, and to make mankind turn into materialistic mutants and head towards ultimate destruction.

4. 基于党文化之史观:是集共产党一党专政论、反神论、无神论、辩证唯物论、进化论、阶级斗争论等等人类历史上诸说之恶混杂集成。其实质是反神、暴力(辩证唯物论)与谎言(唯物辩证法),协力系统性地毁坏中国传统文化,毁坏人信神的根基,最后达到毁灭中华民族乃至全人类的,反神、反文化 、反人类的邪恶史观。

4. To view history based upon the evil Chinese Communist Party's "Culture": such a way of viewing history is a conglomerate of all forms of evil ideologies throughout human history, including the communist dictatorship, anti-divine, atheism, dialectical materialism, the Theory of Evolution, social class struggle etc., with a true nature of turning away from the divine, employing the methods of violence and deception to systematically destroy the traditional Chinese culture, thus leading to the destruction of the foundation of mankind's faith to the divine, and achieving the ultimate goal of completely annihilating the entire Chinese race and the entire mankind: an anti-divine, anti-culture and anti-humanity way of viewing history.


The way we will uphold to view history is the way of divine culture, which is based upon the foundation of Man-Nature to be One: Chinese history is a history established by the divine; it is a process systematically arranged by the divine to educate mankind so that mankind possesses the necessary inner content of culture and abilities to walk towards its true origin in the universe and ultimately return to the Divine.

Do Scientists Believe in God?

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“Science cannot explain the ultimate mystery of nature. That is because, in the final analysis, we are part of nature and therefore part of the mystery we are trying to solve.”

——引自马克斯‧普朗克著作《科学去向哪里?》(Where Is Science Going?)

- Quoted from Max Planck's book, "Where is Science going?"


"As a person who has dedicated his life to material research for the clearest scientific field, I can tell you about my research on the atom: there is no such thing as what is called 'matter'.


“All matter can be created and existed only under the influence of a force that forces an atomic particle to vibrate and support this tiny 'atomic solar system'. We must assume that there is a conscious, intelligent behind this force. The soul. This soul is the mother of all matter."

——引自马克斯‧普朗克1944年在意大利佛罗伦萨做的演讲“物质的性质”(The Nature of Matter)

- Quoted from Max Planck's speech "The Nature of Matter" in Florence, Italy, 1944


Note: Max Planck is considered to be one of the founders of quantum mechanics. According to the Nobel Prize official website, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1918 for his contribution to the development of physics by discovering quantum energy.

《全象学院二零一七年七月二十日真言》The Whole Elephant Institute Public Education on July 20 2017: True Words

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The Whole Elephant Institute Public Education on July 20 2017: True Words


Since July 20, 1999, the evil head of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Jiang Zemin, mobilized the entire national system controlled by the CCP and one fourth of China's national income to persecute over 100 million Falun Dafa practitioners, who represent the kindest, the most righteous good people with righteous faith among all Chinese people.


In the past eighteen years, this group of cultivators who follows the principals of True-Good-Endure has been risking their lives, letting go all personal interests associated with name-profit-sentimentality of the human world, and with a heart of compassion, to clarify the truth of Falun Dafa to the world people, with the mission to awaken world people. They understand that the Great Way of the Universe is being persecuted by the evil which aims to use lies to instigate hatred into people's heart to destroy the very hope of salvation that everyone has been awaiting for tens and thousands of years.


This is because anyone, if he hates the Great Way of the Universe, he will find no position in the future of the Universe, that is , he has chosen to be totally disintegrated.


In the past over ten years of true cultivation, Falun Dafa cultivators are constantly rising up through assimilating to the Great Way of the Universe and thus are capable of seeing the layers upon layers of cosmic Truth, and have validated the Great Way of the Universe at different levels. Because of the true realization of the principals of the universe, the choices each living beings are facing and the great havoc facing each living beings in the universe, these cultivators have stepped forward with compassion to clarify the truth in order to save sentient beings.


Chinese people have been immersed in all sorts of lies spread by the evil CCP and their minds are totally poisoned. The evil has been blaspheming the Great Way of the Universe, the Founder of Falun Dafa, and the Falun Dafa cultivators, with the ulterior motive to destroy people's Trust-Love-Respect towards the Great Way of the Universe, thereby making people completely lose the most precious opportunity of salvation to be self-destructive. 


For a long period of time, the evil lies have always been blaspheming the Founder of Falun Dafa. Precious Chinese people, do you know the Truth? Please do not follow lies without consciences, and stop being the muddle-headed parts of that hate propaganda machinery operated by a tyrannic evil government!


Please go to seek out the true Dafa disciples to find the Truth: start to read Dafa books (, visit Dafa practitioners' websites (;;;, newspapers (, radio stations (, television stations ( and to sincerely look for the Truth!


This is what you have been awaiting for tens of thousands of years! Please make sure to find the Truth!


Human beings have lost in delusion and have been living lives after lives through reincarnation. In this process, human beings have been struggling for personal interests, and at the end, with black karma piling up and facing total destruction.


Today, Falun Dafa is now spreading all over the world, even after the CCP brutally persecuted for the past eighteen years. Do you know why?


Such a phenomenon itself is a great miracle! Think about it for a moment: throughout the entire history of the CCP, anyone was able to survive through the CCP's persecution?


This is because Truth is unbeatable.


The CCP was given such a great opportunity to do Good, if it did not persecute the Great Way of the Universe.


However, the evil head of the CCP, Jiang Zemin, controlled the entire CCP system to oppose the Great Way of the Universe, thus made the choice of destroying the CCP.


All of those Chinese Government Officials arrested and jailed for their crimes of corruption, in fact are all victims of the evil CCP head, Jiang, since they were encouraged by Jiang to act as persecutors of Falun Dafa and Falun Dafa practitioners.


From its very start, the evil Communist Party is rooted in the evil cult of devil worship, with the name of the "Illuminati" in Germany.


When Marx wrote the "Communist Manifesto", he was already controlled by the evil Specter of Satan after his devil worship.


Thus, the communist ideology was created by the evil Specter.


In China, when Chinese people were lured into joining the CCP, they had to make a fist, raise the fist above the shoulder and towards the head, and to make a vow to devote their entire lives to struggle for CCP.


To make a vow is supposed to be a sacred act, that is, the contents of the vow is recorded by heaven and earth.


Therefore, anyone shall not make a deadly vow.


However, all the Chinese people who were lured to join the CCP's Young Pioneer, the CCP's Youth League and the CCP's Party, were forced to make a deadly vow, and to allow their lives to be kidnapped by the Evil Specter of Satan, the devil.


Chinese people who made such a deadly vow are stamped by the mark of the devil on their head and will be totally destroyed together with the Evil Specter of Satan in the near future, if they do not make a declaration in front of heaven, earth and Gods and Buddhas to quit the CCP. 

这些,其实都写在了《圣经 启示录》中。

These, in fact, are written inside the "Revelation" of the "Holy Bible".


Precious Chinese People, please go seek the Truth, find the Truth, and quickly Quit the CCP and all its entities. Only this way, you will be able to survive the Great Havoc. 


In fact, we can find reference for today's human world situation.


Noah's Ark in History


When Noah was living in the human world, the human society was also very rotten.


Human beings no longer had faith towards God. So God was to destroy those evil people totally beyond salvation.


God saw Noah to be faithful. So God instructed Noah to make an Ark and bring each sort of animal, one male, one female, into the Ark, as the seeds for the new world.


Noah also tried very hard to tell people that the great havoc was about to happen, however, no one believed his True Words. At the end, the Great Flood covered the earth.


God created human beings. God is all mighty and all compassionate. Why did God decide to destroy bad people?


Let us look at this question from the knowledge gained in the human life science field.


Every normal cell of your physical molecular body follows the instructions of your soul, but the cancer cell does not. It follows the instruction of a foreign soul, which demands "freedom" and total control of your normal cells and wishes to replace you and to kill you.


So what would you do to such cells? Your soul certainly must destroy them. This is the only way for your soul to be responsible for the future health of all of the countless normal cells of your body.


So, what is the miracle cure for Cancer? In fact, if you can tell the cancer cells to stop listening to the foreign soul's instruction, to be set from from the foreign evil specter, to live as normal cells, then you can rid your body of cancer. Same goes for the health of the human society:

For Chinese people who have turned into cancer cells  of the human society, they shall do the following:

三退,即声明 : To make a solemn declaration to do Three Quits: 
退出少先队,Quit the CCP's Young Pioneer
退出共青团,Quit the CCP's Youth League
退出共产党,Quit the CCP's Party

To help Chinese people to do the Three Quits, is to Save People.

Since if a person do not do the Three Quits, he will be destroyed. This is True Word.


In human history, there is a great reference for this.

犹太人的 Exodus

The Jewish Exodus


When the Jewish people were slaves in Egypt, the Jewish God, Jehovah, sent Messenger Moses to save the Jewish people. The Egyptian King refused repeated to distrust the True Word from Moses. At the end, God Jehovah instructed Moses to inform everyone including the Egyptian King the following: if they choose to follow God Jehovah, they shall put lamb's blood on their door that night, since otherwise, the angel of death would take the first born son of their household. Surely, those household who chose to believe in Moses' message kept their first born son alive while all first born sons of other households, including the Egyptian King's son, the Egyptian Prince, died the following morning.


Thus, please do not disbelieve True Word and refuse to listen. The consequence is Death.


History always repeats itself.


Democracy and Freedom shall belong to Normal People with Faith in Buddha, Daos and Gods, and follow the human morality. Otherwise, the evil beings use the freedom and power given by democracy to do all evils. Allowing that kind of freedom and democracy is same as self-destruction.


In fact, the freedom and democracy given to those who are using True Word to deliver salvation to world people are most important. However, in Today's China, one needs to risk one's own life in order to deliver the Truth, let alone to mention freedom and democracy.


Those oversea Chinese people who have been living in the countries of freedom and democracy and enjoy speaking about freedom and democracy, ironically have been pretending that nothing has happened, in face of the eighteen years of most brutal, most evil persecution in the entire human history, targeting the largest group of good people of righteous faith. They even have been volunteering to act as broadcasting machinery for the evil lies of blasphemy. It is heart breaking to think what type of horrific retributions are awaiting these people! 

So, please do wake up and go find the Truth!

《全象科学: 新时代新人类新科学》 "The Whole Elephant Science: A New Era for a New Mankind

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《全象科学:  新时代新人类新科学》

"The Whole Elephant Science: A New Era for a New Mankind"

June 23, 2017
Author: Dr. Lotus King Weiss
President of the Whole Elephant Institute



Molecular Biology is considered to be the frontier field of Modern Life Science of the Modern Empirical Science. The understanding of Universe, Life and Human Body, for humankind, at the human level, has reached to a dead end.
实証科学的基点,是经典物理学,对宇宙人体时空的认知,建立在人表层分子系统,即人的肉体系统的认知层面上, 只能认识分子组成的物质世界的局部表象之间的规律。

The foundation of modern empirical science is the classical physics. The understanding of universe, human body and time-space is limited to the capacity of the human body made of molecules, that is, the learning capacity of the physical body that can only recognize the limited laws governing part of the physical world made of molecules.
当比分子更微观更宏观的宇宙体系的现象成为人类最前沿的新科学体系的研究对象时,特別展现在高能物理 (更微观),天体物理 (更宏观),人体生命科学 (中西方神传文化中的关于精神,灵魂,信仰,神言,神迹) 的全新研究领域中,只适用于分子层面的物质世界的经典物理学全盘坍塌了。

When phenomena from the more microcosmic and more macrocosmic systems of the universe become the subject of studies of the most frontier new science fields and systems, especially those in the areas of quantum physics (more microcosmic) and astrophysics (more macrocosmic) as well as in the area of human life science (this includes the studies of human spirituality, souls, faith, divine words and miracles), in such new science fields, the classic physics that is only suitable for understanding the laws govern the molecular world totally collapses.
相对论 (The Theory of Relativity),量子物理学 (Quantum Physics) 的诞生,是人类试图走出分子层面现象的结果。

The Theory of Relativity and Quantum Physics were born, as a result of the efforts of mankind seeking understandings of the Law governing the world beyond the molecular world.
量子物理学中揭示的微观世界的现象 (如波粒二象性 wave-particle duality,量子纠缠 quantum entanglement),使肉体人类层面的认知系统无法解释,使实证科学的假设理论系统彻底崩溃,从而使以现代实证科学体系认知层面为基础的现代哲学科学人文体系,全面坍塌。

In the field of Quantum Physics, the phenomena of wave-particle duality and quantum entanglement observed in the microcosmic worlds is beyond the capacity of explanation within the boundary of human level physical body realm of understandings. Such is the cause of total collapses of the assumed "truth", the assumed theories which founded the modern empirical sciences, leading to the complete collapses of modern ideologies in philosophy, science, social relationship, culture, an entire modern system built upon the modern empirical science system of understandings.
坚定的顽固不化的唯物论者也开始重新面对人类哲学史中永恒的话题: 物质和精神的关系是什么? 人是什么? 人的灵魂是什么? 人从哪里来? 人类的生老病死的规律是什么?

Thus, even those stubborn steadfast "Materialists" also start to take a fresh look at those eternal topics of the human history philosophy, such as: what is the relationship between matter and mind? what is man? where does the human spirit come from? what is the origin of mankind? what are the laws that govern the birth, aging, sickness and death of mankind?

The seven blind men touching different parts of the elephant is the best symbol to depict the Empirical Science. Only when mankind as a whole elevate to a new level, mankind will embrace a totally New Science: the Whole Elephant Science, a New Era for a New Mankind.