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Introduction of the Book "The Ulterior Motives of Communism"

Posted on December 10, 2017 at 2:55 AM Comments comments (140)
The Whole Elephant Institute is now sharing this Chinese-English Bilingual Format of the article published at today's Epochtimes Newspaper for you to reach out to the sentient beings you are connected. Hope this is helpful.
With Trust-Love-Respect,
Lotus King Weiss, Ph.D.
The Whole Elephant Institute
"The Ulterior Motives of Communism" is a Divine Book of Salvation
By Mr. Tianyue Gao


The book "The Ulterior Motives of Communism" concerns the future and destiny of each individual, each nation, each ethnicity, and of the entire human kind. Amidst the immense cosmos, the Creator, with boundless compassion, at the last moment of the last havoc, provide the humanity another opportunity of salvation. Picture depicts the scene of Carina Nebula provided by NASA. 
News at the Dajiyuan (Epochtimes) Newspaper (December 9th, 2017)

The new book from the Nine Commentaries Editorial Office, "The Ulterior Motives of Communism", is a book of divine with precious messages of salvation, reaching out to hundreds of thousands of readers within a short twenty days since its publication at the Dajiyuan Newspaper since November 19, 2017.
Throughout the book is the grand compassion and wisdom of the divine, blessing the Chinese people and the entire mankind a path of new hope and salvation.
China, the Land of Divine, the Center of All Nations, used to have grand landscapes of immense beauty, which unfortunately has now been destroyed by the Communist Party the red devil, leaving behind a scene of ugly wounds and death of all forms of lives. The Chinese people used to respect the heaven and the divine laws, following the human moralities of faith, bravery, benevolence and loyalty. However, the Communist Party ruthlessly destroyed human lives and corrupted the souls of Chinese people, turning the Nation of Great Respect into the Nation of Great Bandits, the sky darkened, human hearts no more, deception and violence everywhere, all things going towards demise.
In China today, people from all social classes, regardless of whether they are high level officials, or the middle class people, or the bottom layer of grass root people, are all struggling in the smog of the airs, amidst of other forms of pollution of the environment, with anxiety and puzzlement of the hearts and souls, finding themselves sinking and sliding down, willingly or unwillingly. Some people are living through every day intoxicated, others simply are going along the main current of destruction, and some others are seeking for the truth and solution with great difficulties. How can a better tomorrow be achieved? We, all of us, how to embrace the future?
Upon the publication of the first part of the book, "The Ulterior Motives of Communism--Targeting China", a shocking wave is created to change heaven and earth. Many readers from China expressed that they read with tears in the eyes and found themselves awakened from the nightmare. They exclaimed, "This is the remedy of salvation, the words of awakening, light of dawn breaking the darkness. Only the divine can safeguard the future of the divine land. The Evil Specter of Communism will be eliminated! Let us spread this book to disintegrate Communism as soon as possible."
The Book Exposes the Ulterior Motives of Communism and Can Save China and the Entire Mankind
The book ,“The Ulterior Motives of Communism”, has repeatedly emphasized, “Communism is not merely a theory, or a type of social policy, or a failed social experiment, but an evil specter, with the purpose of destroying the mankind through destruction of human culture and morality.” Tightly spinning around this main theme, this book exposes the road map, the planning book, the revenue tables and the operation manual of the Communist Evil Specter in its attempt to destroy the entire humankind.
To the mankind, such an exposure is the way of fundamental salvation. This is because, only when human kind recognizes the evil nature and ulterior motives of communism, human beings can then realize their greatest danger and thereby resolving all puzzles entrapping mankind to be saved following the guidance of the divine. The existence of the individual human beings and the entire human civilization is counting on the ability of human beings to learn this TRUTH.
The Book, "The Ulterior Motives of Communism--Targeting China" systematically and meticulously outlines how the communist specter has been controlling the Chinese Communist Party to step by step to commit evil crimes in China: violence, killing people, destroying the natural environment, destroying tradition and morality, eliminating the Chinese Divine Culture, damaging the culture of cultivation practice, and to take an opposite position against the fundamental nature of the universe of Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance to persecute the cultivation practice of Falun Gong.
How does the Communist Evil Specter target China to accomplish its ulterior motives of destroying mankind?
At the very start of the book, it stated, "The Creator established in China through His Own Efforts the Chinese Traditional Culture that can lead people to the heaven, systematically arranged all elements in all fields of traditional culture that can help people connect with the Divine. Destruction of such a culture is like the severing of the divine connection of mankind."
“杀人转入地下,毁人一刻不停。共产党有时让人死,有时让人活;有时让人匮乏饥馑,有时让人肥得流油;忽而让人禁欲,忽而让人狂欢;一会儿破坏文化,一会儿“恢复传统”;一会儿姓社,一会儿姓资。究其实质,毁灭真正的传统文化,败坏人的道德,让人反神、变成非人——这才是共产党万变中的不变。”(第四章《共产邪灵 毁人不倦》引言)
"The Communist Evil Specter commits killing secretly now in China, and it never stops for even one second in its attempt to destroy people. It wants people dead in one occasion, but wants people live in another occasion; it lets people starving to death in one occasion, but lets people becoming filthy rich in another occasion; it prohibits people from sexual lust sometimes but suddenly it stirs people to go wild of sexual intoxication; today it was destroying culture, but tomorrow it starts to "recover the culture"; yesterday it was following "Socialism", but today it is following "Capitalism". Upon stripping away its superficial outer coats, its true nature is exposed: it wants to destroy the true traditional culture, to destroy the human morality, to let man go against the divine to become no-man--This, is the never changing True Identity of Communism". (Chapter Four, Introduction, “The Communist Evil Specter Destroying People Non Stop”)
In Chapter Six of the book, "Hatred Being the Foundation of this Communist Regime, It Made China a Nation of Misery", we can read a brief outline of the "End of the World Scene" of the main land of China: the country is in total misery, people has been turned into beasts. The evil specter of communism has wiped out people's faith towards the divine and severed the divine connection (by destroying the divine traditional culture and human morality); when people's behavior no longer conforms to the human morality, people are turned into beasts with only the human form but no human essence. At such a stage, human beings are no longer subjected to the blessings of the divine.
The Communist Evil Specter, whose evil manifests in all layers of the cosmos, has been applying such an evil strategy to not only kill human body, but also to destroy the human spirit. In China, through its over tens of years of meticulous arrangements, violence, threats, lies, deception, materialist temptations, and more, such an evil conspiracy is about to be accomplished.
The Chinese people are deeply connected with the five thousands of years of divine culture. Is it possible that these people will be totally controlled by the evil communist specter to be poisoned and to be totally destroyed? Where is the EXIT from such a danger?
"The Chinese people as an ethnic group are blessed with unique qualities. The Chinese culture is a culture bestowed with divine mission. At the starting moment of antiquity, when the divine was creating the Land of Divine, the mechanism of salvation was already deeply embedded for the moment of future crisis, for bringing hope at the moment of destitute. At the moment immediately prior to the last havoc, whether one can read and understand the divine mechanism and divine words, is a determining factor for everyone's destiny and future.
"The darkest moment is also the moment closest to the dawn of light." "The divine is awaiting the awakening of man, and the vow of divine is in the process of manifestation."
The divine words through divine writings are now pointing the direction of light and hope: "It is the most urgent mission for the current human kind to completely disintegrate the Communist Specter, to rid the human world of all evil elements of communism, to carry out a complete reflection of the downfalls and demonic deviation of human society in the past about two hundreds of years. It is the responsibility of every human individual to rectify the human heart, to cleanse the human society, to return to traditional culture, to rebuild faith of divine, and to reconnect with divine through finding the lost divine culture. This is also the only hope for the salvation of each individual. Divine is both Compassionate and Majestic! Divine is weighing the heart of each individual. The choices and actions of each individual at this moment will determine his or her future."
唤醒世人 读者感佩  
The Book is Awakening the World People and the Readers are Moved and Showing Admiration
Since the publication of this book on November 19th, 2017, major shock waves are created among the readers. Readers are learning the divine messages from the book with humble respects and admiration. All of the puzzlement is resolved instantly, and the feelings of being lost disappeared completely. Readers are praising the book as "Divinely Bestowed Writing", "the Peak Writings" and "Celestial Water". At the internet posting, many people have left thousands of messages to express appreciations to the Creator for the immense compassion of salvation, and to thank the Nine Commentaries Editorial Office for the great contributions, and to thank the Dajiyuan Newspaper for delivering lights of hope again to the readers.
"Great! The articles are from a high level to shed lights, with immense compassion, and have pointed out a path of salvation for the sentient beings who have been deluded by the Communist Evil Specter for a long time."
"The book of 'Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party' serves as nine sharp swords that destroy the communist party the red devil. The book of "The Ulterior Motives of Communist Party' is like the golden light of the sun to totally disintegrate the Chinese Communist Party Evil Specter."
"It is written wonderfully. I read the book with tears in my eyes. Chinese people are too pitiful. It is our responsibilities as each individual to spread this book to more Chinese people for them to read." "I hope this series of articles can awaken Chinese people and are rapidly spread all over the world."
"The Communist Specter has destroyed the faith of several generations of our precious Chinese people: the generation of our grandparents, our parents, we ourselves, and now is trying to destroy the faith of our next generation! After reading the book, I am so shocked. You, the Stubborn Evil Specter of the Chinese Communist Party, how many more people do you still want to destroy?"
"The book is so great! The articles are well written with great depth! Profound! Sharp and Clear! Precise and Accurate! I am in my seventies. I have experienced and witnessed everything described in the book! I personally experienced the period of history of my parents' generation people to be labeled as the Rightists and the Anti-revolutionarists; I also personally experienced the total brain washing processes at schools by the evil party; I also personally witnessed how my middle school principal was beaten to death by the Red Guards during the Cultural Revolution; I also personally experienced the horrific death of my fellow friends who was burned to death during our exiling to the Northern Waste Lands; I also personally heard the gunshots from shooting at the young students by the Chinese Communist Party's army at the Tian An Men Square during the June 4th Massacre in 1989...So much more! The articles are so right! The Chinese Communist Party is truly the evil specter that has destroyed the Chinese Divine Culture and is aiming to destroy mankind! I highly praise this book and will recommend the book strongly!"
"These are words of awakening and can serve as the remedy of salvation! Only when the Chinese people completely wake up, totally discard the evil communism, the evil communist party, return to Chinese tradition, return to the divine, the Chinese people's revival will be possible! How can a nation of people who turn away from the divine receive the blessings of the divine? God is not the so called superstition as preached by the Chinese Communist Party. In fact, modern science has made many new discoveries from many different aspects to provide indirect proofs for the existence of other dimensions and the existence of divine. Atheism is the trap of the evil Communist Specter to destroy human kind!"
"Only one who is filled with divine spirit can write such words immersed with the immense compassion of the divine. Chinese people are people favored by the divine. Chinese culture is the divine culture. The land of China is the Land of Divine. Chinese people, the descendants of the Emperor of Yan and Emperor of Huang, are people of the Divine. The attempt of the evil Chinese Communist Party to destroy China will not succeed! Divine and the Divine's people in China are ONE! Evil will not win over the Righteous! This is the Law of Heaven!"
"These are great writings!!! In human history, it will be recorded that the 'Nine Commentaries', 'Disintegration of Communist Party Culture' and 'The Ulterior Motives of Communism', these three books published by Dajiyuan Newspaper as the Editorial's Commentaries, are responsible for exposing the true nature of communism, its true evil nature, completely and thoroughly! Only through complete disintegration of the evil Chinese Communist Party, through thoroughly cleaning away the spiritual pollution of the Communist Evil Specter towards the entire humankind, humankind will have the hope of salvation!!!"
"Those who carry out research of the Communist Party made the biggest mistake of taking the Communist Party as an ordinary political party instead of treating it as an evil cult that has clear missions and precise operating systems."
"Nowadays most people are living in a daze. Hope this book will awaken the world people. At present, no matter it is in the East or in the West, people's minds are infiltrated by the communist ideology, which is almost all encompassing."
"Hope the entire humankind and all nations' governments join force to eliminate this big devil of the Chinese Communist Party! Please do not say that it has nothing to do with you! Everyone is in this. If you do not say NO to the Chinese Communist Party, the next target of destruction is thee! Only when the Evil Chinese Communist Party is eliminated, then the world societies will find Peace! "
"This is such a set of wonderful articles that we will be able to read daily continuously! If the officials of the main land China can treat themselves as the descendants of the Emperor Yan and Emperor Huang, and to bind their roots of lives with the roots of the thousands of years of Chinese divine culture, and to sever themselves away from the evil specter from the West which only transiently entered China, and allow these wonderful articles to be published inside of the main land of China, then the rapidly sliding morality in China will be saved. Furthermore, the major crimes of the Jiang Zemin regime will be exposed. China will surely embrace a wonderful future! "
Stepping Forward into a Bright Future
Amidst the immerse cosmos, the Creator, with boundless compassion and wisdom, created the myriad cosmic bodies, all things in the universe, and through His Own Efforts, established the divine culture for people to find divine, at the Center Land of Nations: China. Again, at the last moment of the last havoc, the Creator turns the destructive forces around to deliver the opportunity of salvation to humankind. Whether an individual is able to be saved or to be able to walk into tomorrow is determined by the choices of the heart.

"The Ulterior Motives of Communism" has provided the most important Truth that concerns the destiny of each individual human being, each nation, each ethnicity, and the entire human kind. This book is written for China, for the world, and for the billions of sentient beings, in order to point out the path of future. Reading this book and spreading the messages of this book are our joint responsibilities.

The Whole Elephant Chinese Charter School Application in Washington State: NOI

Posted on February 18, 2017 at 10:18 PM Comments comments (242)

The Whole Elephant Chinese Charter School Founding Team has initiated application in Washington State this year. The above is the Notice of Intent submitted on February 16, 2017.

Below are email communications for the submission for public review.

To: Sandy Green <[email protected]>
Subject: re: Intent to Apply from the Whole Elephant Institute
Importance: High
Ms. Sandy Green
New Charter School Application Coordinator
1068 Washington Street
Olympia, WA 98501 

Dear Ms. Sandy Green, 

This is Dr. Lotus King Weiss, President of the Whole Elephant Institute, a persecuted scholar from the University of Washington, Benaroya Research Institute. 

Due to the hate propaganda from the Chinese Communist Government, many people in Washington State still do not know the truth of a profound cultivation practice, called Falun Dafa (www.falundafa.org). The splendid five thousand years of authentic Chinese culture was almost totally destroyed in the communist mainland China during the ten years of "cultural revolution". In recent years, the "made in China" goods which are in fact made by the persecuted people in China and worked as slave labors have flooded American market and has brought great economic crisis to this great nation. Meanwhile, many Chinese families with children are immigrating into Washington State as the Chinese Communist Party is facing its own demise.  

For all these reasons, the Whole Elephant Institute is now launching a series of Chinese Charter Schools in several states including Washington State, to help the children to gain true knowledge of both East and West, and become immune to Communist Ideology, so that they can become great leaders for America in different fields and bring Peace and Prosperity to America and the World.  

The Whole Elephant Institute is a 501c3 non-profit organization established in 2005 and has accumulated skills and expertise in Chinese-English Bilingual education and in delivering the best of both Chinese Divine Culture as well as Western traditional values to immigrant families in New York State. Since 2012, the Whole Elephant Institute has been building teams for the establishment of Chinese Charter Schools (please see our websites: www.thewholeelephant.infowww.confuciuscharters.org), and since 2015, the Whole Elephant Institute has initiated efforts to build Chinese Charter Schools in Washington State. 

So this year, we are now officially initiating our application for the establishment of the first Chinese Charter School in Washington State. Please find the attached Intent to Apply document for your kind review. Our entire Founding Team is looking forward to join the great community of Charter School Founders and Leadership teams in Washington State to help all wonderful children of our future to learn the best knowledge that they truly need for fulfilling their mission in the world. 

With Trust-Love-Respect, 

Lotus King Weiss, Ph.D.
The Whole Elephant Institute 
Phone: 631-552-0233 

Sandy Green via waospi.onmicrosoft.com Feb 17 (1 day ago)

to Dr. Lotus King Weiss

Tianshui Lee, This is to confirm receipt of your Notice of Intent to Apply (NOI) by the 5:00 p.m. (Pacific Time) on the deadline date of  February 17, 2017.    Thank you for your submission. 

Executive Assistant
Charter School Commission
(360) 725-5511 

First Chinese Charter School Founding Board Meeting in 2017

Posted on February 18, 2017 at 9:55 PM Comments comments (18)
First Chinese Charter School Founding Board Meeting in 2017

The Whole Elephant Chinese Charter School Founding Team will hold the first Board Meeting on February 19, 2017, right after this event:

Epoch Media Group 新唐人電視臺 大紀元時報

主題:中共活體摘取器官 國家犯罪 罪證講座

Sunday, February 19, 2017 from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM (EST)

法拉盛喜來登酒店 BR 2 樓135-20 39th AveFlushing, NY 11354

All interested community members are invited to attend.

A Chinese Family Learned Truth on Falun Dafa Day in New York

Posted on May 15, 2016 at 11:30 PM Comments comments (5)

大游行惊醒一家人 陆男士携妻女“三退”






董女士问这位先生:“您想想,中国的这种局面正常吗?难道人家全世界的人都是傻子吗?” 董女士专门向他介绍了自己所在的加拿大,在每年的5月13日,就是“世界法轮大法日”,政府总理、多位联邦政府部长和国会议员以及各省市市长和议员都纷纷发出贺信,赞扬法轮大法创始人李洪志先生的重大贡献,赞扬法轮大法修炼者给加拿大带来的和平安宁和为社区做出的贡献。







Chinese Young Students Are Waking Up to be Fans of Falun Gong

Posted on May 15, 2016 at 11:26 PM Comments comments (49)

Chinese Young Students Are Waking Up to be Fans of Falun Gong


近日,来自53国的近万名法轮功学员会集纽约参加第17届法轮大法日系列活动。图为5月14日Bowling Green公园的集体炼功。

【大纪元2016年05月15日讯】(大纪元记者佟仁美国纽约报导)近几天,来自全球的上万名法轮功学员汇聚纽约,同庆第17届世界法轮大法日,声援二亿三千多万中国同胞退出邪恶的中共组织。当地时间14日,劝“三退”义工蔡女士在纽约中央公园和大都会艺术博物馆一带与四位留学生邂逅,当提起“三退” (退出中共党、团、队)大潮时,他们不仅一个不落地退出团和队,而且还说他们都是“法轮功的粉丝”。




Why Does the Chinese Communist Party Feel Terrified on Falun Dafa Day?

Posted on May 15, 2016 at 11:22 PM Comments comments (110)

Why Does the Chinese Communist Party Feel Terrified on Falun Dafa Day?




See more at: 


Toronto District School Board Ends Partnership with Confucius Institute 多倫多教育局取消孔子學院

Posted on November 4, 2014 at 8:43 PM Comments comments (269)
News from the Minghui Net



【明慧網二零一四年十一月一日】(明慧記者章韻、肖妍多倫多綜合報導)「孔子學院就是一個間諜機構,為中共所操控和利用。孔子學院對加拿大的確是一種威脅,大量證據已顯示,孔子學院就是被中共利用,充當一個間諜機構,被利用來招募一些從事間諜行為的人。孔子學院多年來在許多國家一個常用策略就是,通過政治上的滲透,操控其政治觀點和言論。」前加拿大情報局(CSIS)亞太事務部主管卡特蘇亞(Michel Juneau-Katsuya)在教育局的辯論會上說。

前加拿大情報局亞太事務部主管卡特蘇亞(Michel Juneau-Katsuya)在多倫多教育局的辯論會上發言經過五個多月的辯論和教委的討論,加拿大多倫多公校教育局(TDSB)的教育委員們於二零一四年十月二十九日晚投票表決,以二十比二高票通過取消與孔子學院的合作計劃,同時投票通過,將已經收到的二十二萬五千元歸還中方,徹底解決這個困擾了多倫多近半年的問題。


多倫多教育局與孔子學院之間的合作辦學,最初由前教委主席波爾頓(Chris Bolton)一手推動和操辦,其他教育委員對於合作計劃細節均被蒙在鼓裏。二零一四年的五月二十二日,多倫多舉行了孔子學院開幕儀式,但孔子學院的背景及其所起的滲透作用對各地社會環境造成的影響,令多倫多很多家長和民眾憂心,兩週內數千人簽署反對此事的請願信,二十二名教育委員也收到大量來自選民表達不滿的電話和郵件。六月十一日教育局會議前,數百位市民嘴上綁著黑布條在教育局外抗議,當晚會議通過了暫停孔子學院的動議。兩天後,積極推動設孔子學院的教育局主席波爾頓突然辭職。 六月十八日,教育局全體委員會議前,四百多市民又來到教育局外抗議,引起主流媒體關注。最終,教育委員投票通過暫停孔子學院。十月一日,加拿大前情報局高級官員卡特蘇亞(Michel Juneau-Katsuya)在教育局會議上以個人身份作證表示,孔子學院是中共的情報機構。當晚會議通過動議,十月二十九日全體教育委員投票表決,終止與孔子學院的合作。

前加情報局官員: 孔子學院就是中共間諜機構

教育局會議上,在多倫多教育局部份教育委員面前,支持和反對孔子學院的雙方進行了辯論。前加拿大情報局(CSIS)亞太事務部主管卡特蘇亞(Michel Juneau-Katsuya)在十月一日的辯論發言中說:「目前已有許多西方國家公開文件明確點出,孔子學院就是一個間諜機構,為中共所操控和利用。孔子學院對加拿大的確是一種威脅,大量證據已顯示,孔子學院就是被中共利用,充當一個間諜機構,被利用來招募一些從事間諜行為的人。孔子學院多年來在許多國家一個常用策略就是,通過政治上的滲透,操控其政治觀點和言論。」他說,網絡上有許多西方國家和機構公布的關於孔子學院搞間諜活動的海量證據。中共自己的文件也明確說過,孔子學院是其施加影響和軟實力的一個有效手段。中共還利用孔子學院,借傳播語言和文化的幌子,物色對自己有利的人,鎖定哪些是異議人士,找出哪些行業可以派人偷取商業和科技資料。要知道,孔子學院不僅教學校學生,還在海外大公司內開設課堂,打著教中文的幌子,背後物色人或乾脆收買這些公司內部的人來搞商業間諜活動。孔子學院就像中共在海外培植的許多其他華人團體一樣,組織嚴密,向外兜售中共軟實力,已被西方情報機構確認為中共間諜機構,為中共服務。他說,中共間諜歷史悠久,已經有幾十年歷史,有一整套非常複雜精細的操作系統。中國文化博大精深,中文又是非常優美的語言,許多西方國家的人都想了解。中共掌握這一點,如看到哪個人有名,就邀請到中國以紅地毯、美酒佳餚,安排數百數千學生歡迎,當貴客款待,此人就會覺得自己真的很重要了。中共就掌握這種普通人的心理,即我給你好處,你就會心存感激,有虧欠感,就想著要報答,中共就利用這種人心,實現自己的目的。中共一次又一次利用這一伎倆,我們看到,許多加國政客、市長和民選官員,原來還對中共有看法,但去了中國一趟,被中共長時間灌滿美酒佳餚回來之後,許多在中國問題立場上就變了。多年來,加拿大情報局在這方面有許多記錄,也在嚴密觀察和分析,加拿大情報局的任務就是保護這個國家、政府,提醒政府和公民要當心一些危險。任何人都不得利用語言和文化交流目的,來監視加國公民和搞間諜活動。

中領館總領事親自上陣 凸顯中共幕後黑手



取消跟孔子學院的合作,多倫多公校教育局成為繼加拿大麥克馬斯特大學和Sherbrooke大學之後取消與孔子學院合作的另一家加拿大教育機構。教育委員Pamela Gough說,孔子學院不是民主國家的教育機構,是由中共直接操控,不認同加拿大核心價值,也不認同多倫多教育局的教育價值。加拿大價值包括言論自由,孔子學院想利用自己的價值來搞滲透,就得堅決制止。過去的幾個月,孔子學院顯然成了教委們的負擔。教育委員Pamela Gough會後說,她「感覺大大鬆了一口氣」。她說:「孔子學院協議中有太多東西此前沒公布,教育委員完全被蒙在鼓裏,所有事情從一開始就都被有意偷偷摸摸掩蓋,造成很多混亂。」Gough表示,「對於中共方面派到孔子學院的教師沒有言論自由,孔子學院與中共背後的真正關係,教育委員們也是完全不知情。」現任多倫多教委主席路特卡(Mari Rutka)在投票結語中說,自己也一直擔心,圍繞孔子學院的爭議,已遠遠超過其本身帶來的好處。教育局也得考慮,幾家大學已有前車之鑑,不想再和孔子學院合作。再說,教育局已經有廣東話、普通話、簡體中文和正體中文等豐富的中文教學。教育委員John Hastings說:「今晚,這件事應被結束,永遠結束。在我們的歷史上不再有怪物。」

English Article:

Toronto District School Board Ends Partnership with Confucius Institute

November 02, 2014 | By Minghui correspondents Zhang Yun and Xiao Yan

(Minghui.org) Toronto District School Board (TDSB), Canada's largest school board, decided to terminate its agreement with the Confucius Institute (CI) at the end of October. It has also decided to return $225,000 to China and put the issue that has troubled Toronto for about half a year to an end.

“There is publicly available information stating clearly that Western counter-intelligence agencies have identified Confucius Institutes as forms of spy agencies used by the [Chinese] government and employed by the [Chinese] government,” stated Michel Juneau-Katsuya, former chief of Asia-Pacific for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, during his speech at a TDSB committee meeting on October 1.“A common strategy used by the Confucius Institute in many countries over the years was manipulating political views and comments by means of political infiltration,”

Mr. Juneau-Katsuya told the Epoch Times in Canada. He said that the CIs also recruit spies for commercial espionage by hosting Chinese language classes in Western corporations.The committee voted against the Confucius Institute on the same day. The decision by the entire board came about on October 29.“Such relief, such relief! We did the right thing,” said trustee Irene Atkinson at the end of the meeting.“The direct connections between the Confucius Institutes and the communist party of China, once that was made clear to the TDSB trustees, I think they were extremely uncomfortable with that,” said trustee Pamela Gough.“They were very uncomfortable with the lack of freedom of speech on the part of the teachers hired in China to come over,” Ms. Gough added.

Former TDSB chairman Chris Bolton initiated the partnership with the CI. The agreement details were not disclosed to trustees, according to Ms. Gough.After the CI opening ceremony on May 22, many parents and citizens in Toronto learned about the pro-Chinese Communist Party background and its ideological infiltration in communities. Over 1,000 people signed a petition letter to the TDSB in within two weeks. The TDSB trustees also received many complaining phone calls and emails.Several hundred citizens protested outside of the TDSB before its meeting on June 11. The board passed a motion to suspend the CI. Chris Bolton resigned two days later. Over 400 protested before an all-hands meeting of TDSB on June 18.Chinese Consul General Fang Li urged Toronto’s Chinese community to “exercise its rights” on October 25. On October 29, the day of the TDSB board meeting, the Chinese consulate in Toronto dispatched buses to transport local Chinese to protest in front of the TDSB and claimed to “re-introduce” the CI after new trustees come to post.Zhang Weiqun, who has taught Chinese in the Toronto school district for many years, said, “Confucius Institutes promote the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). It has nothing to do with Confucius... The behaviors of the Chinese diplomat shows the fact that the CCP is the real driver for the CI.”Both McMaster University and the University of Sherbrooke in Canada have also ended their partnerships with the institutes.In the United States, the Pennsylvania State University and the University of Chicago terminated their partnerships with the controversial program over the past few months, and the faculty of the Dickinson State University in North Dakota voted against establishing a CI despite an earlier approval by the state’s Board of Education. The Lyon Confucius Institute in France also ceased operation last year.

神韵交响乐团2014首演 旷世天音轰动波士顿

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副总裁:神韵旷世天音 将世俗间压力一扫而空
Arthur Bowes先生是波士顿一家医院的副总裁,主管人力资源。他介绍自己喜爱音乐,是各类艺术演出的常客。10月4日,他来到波士顿交响乐厅,第一次欣赏神韵 交响乐团的精湛演出。他由衷赞美神韵的音乐有如来自天堂,将世俗的压力与沉重一扫而光。他表示神韵带给人的是全新的丰富的体验。Bowes先生难掩内心的喜悦,激动地表示:“这台音乐会非常非常精彩,我由衷地喜爱。能够看到东西方的音乐以及不同的文化得到如此美好的呈现,真的令人心旷神怡。”他说:“我由衷地喜爱这个音乐,感觉非常独特,令人神清气爽。我希望能够再来看,再来欣赏神韵交响乐团的演出。”“看演出让我的内心充满感动和喜悦,觉得非常受鼓舞。音乐会带走了所有那些负面的消息所带来的沉重,将人带到一个心旷神怡的境界。”Bowes先生表示,神韵如同旷世天音, 将他来自世俗间的压力一扫而空。他说,“音乐已经走过了这么多的世纪,然而神韵音乐带给人的感受是如此的丰富与清新,带给人全新的感受。”他还说:“神韵歌唱家的歌声将我来自世俗间的压力一扫而空。神韵的音乐如此令人神往,带给人天堂般的感受。”他感叹神韵带给人的是全新的体验,他说:“神韵音乐非常独特,不同凡响。”他希望下一次一定带家人一起来欣赏。
Stephen Keyes先生与夫人看神韵交响乐的演出来庆祝结婚16周年。他们从两个小时车程外的新汗布什尔州赶来。“一看到神韵交响乐团演出的消息,我们就决定来,真高兴我们来了。”夫妇俩异口同声的表示,“这仅仅是开始,我们一定会再来”。Keyes先生曾在社区交响乐团及室内交响乐团担任小提琴手,他还是赛勒姆州立大学的前部门主管。他由衷赞美神韵交响乐:“音乐非常美妙动听,美极了!整场演出超凡脱俗,极为出色!”他说:“神韵音乐非常打动人心,我希望听到更多的中国音乐,中国的乐器,像二胡,我非常喜欢,这是我第一次真正的亲眼看到如何演奏二胡。”他说,东西方乐器珠联璧合,“这是和我所研习的西方音乐与自然之美的完美融合,自然的元素、宇宙以我们西方习惯聆听的方式展现出来,却是非常自然和谐之音,有我从未听过的元素在其中。”他进一步解释,他所说的自然之音与元素来自东方乐器。Keyes先生表示,神韵交响乐以西方管弦乐为基奠烘托中国乐器的特色,深具历史意义。他说神韵交响乐将东方的灵魂非常生动的表现出来,“这是自然与我所熟悉的西方音乐的完美结合。毫无质疑对音乐历史产生影响。”
Keyes先生表示认同东方音乐是来自天上的礼物,他进一步说,“西方音乐也相信与天地的共鸣。”“音乐是一种我们都可以领会的自然的语言。在欣赏神韵音乐的时候,我强烈感受到与音乐融为一体,非常美妙,实在令我非常惊喜。”“在 欣赏音乐的时候,我似乎置身于自然之中,脑海中浮现的是自然的画面。如同在田野里,倾听自然的声音,看到自然的美景。我的脑海中充满了天地的画面,看到流 水,看到田野、青草,看到苹果花与樱桃花盛开,就是那种自然的美景。我闭上眼睛,聆听音乐的时候就是这种感觉,历历在目的感觉。”
Keyes 先生表示欣赏完神韵交响乐,对中国音乐与文化产生了浓厚的兴趣。他说:“我们要找更多的音乐来听,要多了解中国文化。音乐所反映的是更广博的文化。所以我 们在欣赏音乐的时候,我们对音乐如何起源的,如何演变,谁是作曲家充满兴趣。我想中国音乐与西方音乐一样,来自文化,传统,来自民众,然后被加以概括推 广,所以音乐与文化息息相关,相辅相成。对文化的了解越多,对音乐的领会也越深。随着我们对音乐的领悟加深,我们也更多了解到文化,也能更好的欣赏音 乐。”他表示自己对中国文化有了“全新”的感受。他说:“中国幅员辽阔,涵盖如此丰富多元的文化,从东到西,从南到北。很难将中国文化概括出来。我回去要好好找找二胡来自那部份中国文化。我一定要看看二胡是如何起源,如何溶入我们今天所听到的交响乐中的。”
医务工作人员Gloria MacGillivray女士在观看完神韵交响乐团的演出后感动落泪,她感慨地表示,神韵交响乐将她带到了天堂,“我感觉自己简直置身于另一个世界。这是天使们演奏的音乐。”MacGillivray女士说,“在欣赏音乐的时候,我感觉自己的内心十分平静,有的部份让我联想到家庭,有时候又感动的要哭出来。我很喜欢这个演出。”


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 演出地点:卡内基音乐厅(Carnegie Hall),
地址:57th Street and 7th Ave
 New York, NY 10019
订票热线:212‐247‐7800 (剧院), 800-818-2393 (Presenter)
演出地点:肯尼迪艺术中心音乐厅(The Kennedy Center - Concert Hall),
地址:2700 F Street, NW , Washington , DC 20566
订票热线:202-467-4600(剧院),1-888-974-3698 (Presenter)
 演出地点: 罗伊.汤姆森音乐厅( Roy Thomson Hall ),
60 Simcoe Street Toronto, ON M5J 2H5
订票热线:416-872-4255 (剧院), 1-855-416-1800 (Presenter) ,416-248-1168 (Presenter)
订票邮件:[email protected]
 演出时间:2014年10月21日,星期二, 晚上7点30分
演出地点:芝加哥交响乐厅(Chicago Symphony Center Orchestra Hall) ,
地址:220 S. Michigan Ave ,Chicago, IL 60604
订票热线:312-294-3000 (CSO box office), 1-800-515-3468 (Presenter)
 演出时间:2014年10月25日,星期六, 晚上7点30分
演出地点:迈阿密骑士音乐厅(Adrienne Arsht Center Knight Concert Hall
地址:1300 Biscayne Blvd,Miami, FL 33132
订票热线:305-949-6722, 877-949-6722
订票邮件: [email protected]
演出地点:梵伟卓表演艺术中心 (Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall ) ,
地址:777 N. Tamiami Trail,Sarasota, Florida 34236
订票热线:888-974-3698 (Ticketingbox),
 941-953-3368 (剧院)
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Letter to NTDTV to Initiate Three Way Collaboration

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