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Seeking for Public Feedbacks and Inputs for the Charter School Application to SUNY Trustees (Continued)

Posted on December 17, 2015 at 6:09 AM
The Whole Elephant Chinese Charter School Founding Board is now actively seeking for public feedbacks for the upcoming establishment of the Whole Elephant Chinese Charter School in Flushing, New York. The following WeChat Groups are Group 41 to 67 among the over 80 groups that are currently receiving daily announcement from the Whole Elephant Institute WeChat Platforms regarding the ongoing progress and efforts of the Founding Board headed by Dr. Lotus King Weiss. Group 67 is the Whole Elephant Institute Bilingual Training Center Social Media Platform, which has been delivering daily bilingual classes to serve as an open house to let the community learn about the education philosophy, teaching methods, mission and significance of the Chinese Charter School projects. Feedbacks from the general public are being integrated into the current application to the SUNY Trustees for the Whole Elephant Chinese Charter School. International Talents in different areas are also being recruited through this platform.

WeChat group 67.docx (DOCX — 278 KB)
WeChat group 66.docx (DOCX — 330 KB)
WeChat Group 65.docx (DOCX — 308 KB)
WeChat group 64.docx (DOCX — 284 KB)
WeChat Group 63.docx (DOCX — 307 KB)
WEChat Group 62.docx (DOCX — 254 KB)
WEChat Group 61.docx (DOCX — 282 KB)
WeChat group 60.docx (DOCX — 243 KB)
WeChat Group 59.docx (DOCX — 243 KB)
WeChat group 58.docx (DOCX — 257 KB)
WeChat group 57.docx (DOCX — 246 KB)
WeChat Group 56.docx (DOCX — 314 KB)
WeChat Group 55.docx (DOCX — 318 KB)
WeChat Group 54.docx (DOCX — 271 KB)
WeChat group 53.docx (DOCX — 282 KB)
WeChat Group 52.docx (DOCX — 297 KB)
WeChat group 51.docx (DOCX — 295 KB)
weChat Group 50.docx (DOCX — 283 KB)
WeChat group 49.docx (DOCX — 266 KB)
WeChat Group 48.docx (DOCX — 255 KB)
WeChat Group 47.docx (DOCX — 303 KB)
WeChat Group 46.docx (DOCX — 296 KB)
WeChat group 45.docx (DOCX — 317 KB)
WeChat group 44.docx (DOCX — 302 KB)
weChat Group 43.docx (DOCX — 280 KB)
WeChat group 42.docx (DOCX — 322 KB)
weChat group 41.docx (DOCX — 306 KB)

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