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Rainbow in the Flushing Community Sky

A Splendid Day of February 26th 2022


Revelation from Watching Shen Yun Creation on Bel Canto

Singing into the Lunar New Year 2022

January 19th 2022

January 12th 2022 

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Merry Christmas to All Good People in the World!

Posted on December 25, 2015 at 6:35 AM


Praise to Lotus Blossom

Descending from the Heaven Pure Lotus Blossom


Coming to Human World Covering With Red Dust


Reincarnated Through the AgeEndless of Sufferings


Only Awaiting for True Return She Never Stop from Searching


Boundless Compassion of Creator One Day Embraces Her


Made Her Pure Again Led Her to Heaven's Gate


Following Master Fa Rectification to Full Fill All Her Dreams


Now is Time for Her True Return to Her Lotus Paradise


Categories: 2015 Chinese Charter School Application, American Public Chinese Charter School Curriculum Design Committee, Article, Chinese Divine Culture News, Community Outreach Information, The Lotus Chinese Charter School CSO DOE 2014, The Whole Elephant Charter School Application Progress, The Whole Elephant Institute Bilingual Training Center

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8:23 AM on October 7, 2017 
It is very bdfdkn to read :)
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Every religion have own respect similarly we should respect every religion because their Old ritual of our elder believe. Respect every religion if you want to respect your religion. In every religion a day or two are celebrating in the name of happiness like Merry Christmas, is the day of celebration gives pleasure and happiness.
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I love to celebrate Christmas event because it came back after one year and we enjoyed it a lot this occasion. Because we have holidays from universities and we can celebrate it in our own style.
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