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The Whole Elephant Institute Launches the Project of Establishing the Whole Elephant Chinese Charter School of Seattle

Posted on April 7, 2017 at 8:56 PM
On March 31 2017, Dr. Lotus King Weiss submitted the Full Proposal to the Washington State Charter School Commission for the establishment of the Whole Elephant Chinese Charter School of Seattle.

School Vision
The Whole Elephant concept is derived from the famous “The Blind Men and the Elephant” story which is deeply rooted in the culture of almost every ethnicity throughout the world. Human being, due to the nature of the physical body, is bound to be BLIND to the Truth of the Universe. Therefore, the most important goal of learning, in the human world, is to find the Way of gaining true vision. From the East, the five thousands of years of Traditional Chinese Culture have laid down the foundation for human beings to gain true vision of human being and the entire Universe; in the West, modern science especially the field of frontier modern life science have laid down the foundation for humanity to use rationality to understand the limitations of the human body and human technology in face of the vastness of the Universe; The Whole Elephant Chinese Charter School (WECCS) will combine the best fruits of mankind development of both the East and the West to nurture and awaken the Masters within each child; our students will be led by Master Educators who are leading scholars in the myriads of subjects of the sophisticated traditional Chinese culture as well as scientists in the areas of frontier modern physics and frontier modern life sciences; through wisdom teaching, students will master both Chinese and English Languages; Mathematics; Humanity and Arts; History and frontier Science; the education methods will be an innovative combination of the traditional style of Martial Art Schools from China and the most successful education style in the West: the Graduate School style of Modern Life Science; the relationship between Master Educators and students is a Master-disciple relationship, which makes the education of a Whole Person possible.
School Mission
The Whole Elephant Chinese Charter School carries out the mission to establish an innovative education system which integrates the most frontier science of the West with the ancient science of mind-body-spirit from the East, with a goal to bring out the Master within each child whose unique passion and talent will be cultivated to blossom and whose mind will be cultivated to reach true maturity with great wisdom of human life and the entire universe.  
School Objectives
The objective of the Whole Elephant Chinese Charter School is to establish a new set of education philosophy and practice integrating the best of the fruits of development of humanity, from ancient to present, from East to West, from the visible material world, to the invisible and intangible spiritual world, in the area of science, arts and culture, so that the students graduated from the Whole Elephant Chinese Charter School shall be young scholars in both the English and Chinese Culture as well as young scientists of human body, space-time and the Universe, besides meeting the standards required upon them by the State Education Department of Washington.
Educational Need, Target Population and Challenges
The Whole Elephant Chinese Charter School is urgently needed for any communities with rapidly increasing student populations of immigrants from the Communist China, which, under the rule of the Chinese Communist Party controlled government, has been carrying out constant violence and deception to dehumanize the Chinese people. Upon their entering the regular American public schools, children from the Communist China demonstrated great learning crisis due to immense differences between the Chinese Communist Party Culture-based prior education with the modern American Culture-based education; the English language skills are usually much easier to master for these students from China, while the greatest challenges are the understanding of American values, culture, and the recovery and maintenance of their emotional and spiritual health rooted in their own unique culture and traditional value systems.
The District of Seattle Public Schools in Washington State is now welcoming such a rapidly increasing population of Chinese immigrant children, and the current existing public schools or the newly opened public charter schools in the school district so far are still lacking the ability to resolve such a learning crisis of this population of students. The wonders of the five thousands of years of Chinese Traditional Culture are sadly lost in the Communist China and banned from the entire communist education system in China, but now are starting to be known by people from all over the world through the efforts of those brave Chinese artists, scholars and especially through the immense efforts of the over 100 million persecuted Falun Dafa practitioners (www.falundafa.org) in the past seventeen years. Since 2006, the Shen Yun Performing Arts Group (www.shenyunperformingarts.org) started to tour all over the world to deliver the message that the five thousands of years of Chinese culture is in fact created by people from all over the world and is a divine arrangement to establish human morality and wisdom for mankind to live in peace and harmony with the universe and ultimately to find the Truth of Return, or spiritual awakening and spiritual perfection.  Such a Whole Elephant Concept contains the mind-awakening power of Truth that has triggered a cascade of responses all over the world among those who having been seeking for solutions and breakthroughs in their area of expertise, such as art, music, fashion design, entrepreneurship, science, health, education, and more. A wave of renaissance of traditional Chinese culture is taking place globally. More and more children and parents in America, from the mainstream society, are seeking for opportunities to gain such a long-lost heritage, which is like Mother’s Milk, is proven to have the power to nourish human spirits to true maturity for great accomplish in all areas. From this perspective, the Whole Elephant Chinese Charter School is also much needed for children born and raised in America and are experiencing great trials in their emotional and spiritual journey and are lost and drowning in the ever enlarging sea of information gained from modern technology and modern science, which is truly a double-edged sword. In metropolitan cities like New York, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle, there are many children are lost in their life due to not having the nourishment of human spirit and human wisdom of life, and are handicapped by wrong ideology and self-destructive practices such as immoral behaviors and substance abuse. Modern human society is facing such crisis and parents and many public schools feel helpless in face of the rapid down-sliding of human morality and the devastating effects on their beloved children. Such crisis is deeply rooted within the falsehood of each modern human being’s current belief systems, and such falsehood departing from the fundamental nature of the universe needs to be cleaned out from the current education system. Most of the falsehood of the modern mankind belief system is due to the Blind-Men Syndrome created by the over enthusiasm, or arrogance, of the near elementary level understanding of the larger truth of the Universe so far accomplished by modern Science and Technology. The Whole Elephant Chinese Charter School recognizes this crisis and has designed ways to rectify such a crisis by delivering a new education system that can lead students to an elevated vision of the life and the universe. The University of Washington and the Benaroya Research Institute are the original home institutes of Dr. Lotus King Weiss before her journey to the East Coast and now she will tap into these resources to combine with the treasure she gained from her journey in the area of 5000 years of traditional Chinese Culture, to face these educational challenges all Seattle Educators are facing daily. The successful operation of the proposed Whole Elephant Chinese Charter School shall effectively meet and advance objectives of Charter School Laws, such as in raising education levels beyond the proficiency standards on state tests, in expanding the learning opportunities for students at risk of academic and personal development failure; in helping low income, minority students as well as English Language Learners and Learners with disabilities; in delivering innovative teaching and learning methods and in providing new professional development and opportunities for teachers, parents and students. The Whole Elephant Chinese Charter School will be a great success for advancing the overall quality of public school education in America.

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