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Chinese Lesson from the Whole Elephant Institute

Posted on December 25, 2018 at 1:15 AM

December 15th 2018

Chinese Lesson from

The Whole Elephant Institute


藥 Yao 4 Medicine

樂 Yue 4. Music

The Chinese character for music is 樂, and for medicine is 藥, which has an extra symbol of leaf on top of music. Ancient Science in China takes the human body as a multidimensional universe. Human diseases are considered to be rooted in different space and time, involving evil entities attacking the kingdom of the human body. Medicines deliver powerful warriors to conquer the evil entities. Music is considered to be most powerful to chase away evil entities, or to strengthen the human mind-body-spirit.

Modern people, however, with the arrogance of atheism-based outsmarting nature ideology, only believe in the reality that human low-level sensory organs can detect. Modern empirical science is now leading people to blindly think that human body is only a molecular machine. So, when human body has sickness, modern people use molecular ways to treat sickness. All modern western medicines are made of purified molecules that can target the molecules of human body and thus knock out the "alarm clock" the body has when problems are detected. Modern medicine does not cure, but merely suppress the disease: instead of resolving a crisis, it is suppressing it and postponing it.


宇 Yu 3
宙 Zhou 4

Human body

人 Ren 2
体 Ti 3

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