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Chinese Lesson from the Whole Elephant Institute

Posted on December 25, 2018 at 1:26 AM

Chinese Idiom:

庖 Pao 2

丁 Ding 1

解 Jie 3 

牛 Niu 2

When Pao Ding dissect the cow, his knife  goes through the gaps between the bones and ligaments with complete ease, since he was not cutting with force but moving along the Way. This is because he has mastered the structure of the cow's body and mastered the use of his tool. Others hack with knife, which lasts only couple weeks. Those cut with the knife, which lasts several months. But Pao Ding's knife is like new after 19 years. His knife dances between the gaps of the cow's body without hitting anything hard. He has mastered the Dao of his work. 

What lesson do you learn from this Idiom?

Please write an assay on this subject to express your understandings of this Chinese Idiom.

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